Beach Detecting

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• Everyone beach combing or using metal detecting equipment should familiarise themselves with the law concerning protected sites and follow the current advice on the handling, care and storage of archaeological objects.


• Minimise any ground / sand disturbance and follow the code of practice issued for metal detecting in the UK.


• Call the Police and coastguard and notify them if you find anything that may be suspicious or dangerous.


For further information about obtaining a metaldetecting licence visit the crown estate website


Safety ;


* Check the local weather conditions before heading out.


* Look out for mud or quicksand out on the low tide lines.


* Be aware of the Tide Times.


* Check the speed of the incoming tides.


* Be aware of your surroundings and have a planned exit route if working the Low Tide line.


* If you see any suspect Ordnance contact the Coastguard. (see poster below).

Beach shut due to unexploded shells...


An increase in the number of wartime shells unearthed because of the winter storms and flooding has caused the temporary closure of an Essex beach.

About 50 mortar and artillery shells, one dating from 1880, and a dozen "possible machine guns" have been found on Shoebury East Beach since March.2014.


Stormy weather behind spate of finds,..


The safe detonation of another bomb found the on Montrose beach, morning of 15/01/12, by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Any item found on the beach should be reported immediately, DIAL 999 and ask for the COASTGUARD



Bomb detonation

Quicksand on a Cumbrian Beach...


Couple spark full-scale rescue after getting stuck in quicksand up to their waists just yards from the shore


Ordnance Coast Guard Poster

Beach Safety News clips ...

Beach Quicksand Beach Safety Sign

Beach Safety Sign ...

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