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Coin Cleaning

Barrelling UK Beach  Clad / Decimal coins...


Photo-Video showing Before and after photo's of modern UK decimal "Beach found" coinage using  a barrelling machine with Water / Steel media / liquid soap.


Barrelling time for Clad 1p & 2p coins :-            2 x hours.

Barrelling time for 5p, 10p, 20p & 50p coins :-  1 x Hour.

Barrelling time for £1 & £2 coins :-                       1 x Hour.

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YouTube Full Screen Barrelling Mc UK beach clad

Barrelling Tips.


Use a Barrel with internal vanes for coin cleaning.


The tumbler runs to it's highest efficiency when the portions of compound and items to be cleaned is correctly ballanced with a maximum of 30% of the barrel volume.


Altering the volume of water will vary the finish of the coins with more water giving a gentler cleaning action.


Keep your coin types separate for cleaning eg, modern Decimal Half pence, 1p, 2p in one batch and the 5p , 10p, 20p, 50p. in a separate batch to avoid discolouration.


Don’t put coins of any value in a tumbler.


Using Steel medium, liquid soap and water, modern decimal coinage found on the beach should be clean enough to spend after a One hour cleaning cycle. (Two hours for heavier encrustation and discolouration ).