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* ;- So. The question... Would you as a holiday maker rather go to a beach to sunbath and swim on a beach regularly cleaned with a metal detector and also has its plastic removed , Or one that hasnt.


* ;-  Broken bottle necks are a common find in the sea in the med. The alloy ring around them makes them detectable. Im sure ive saved a few peoples holiday ending badly. A few photos of the nasties we find is good for non detectorists to see what we remove from beaches just about everywhere.



A question to all... I know some will say not my problem, but here it is.


Not sure if anyone has watched sky the past week with the thing they are doing about ocean plastics.

Well seeing as we are all beach hunters and we remove metal from the beach, if we took a piece of plastic off the beach every trip and put it in the bin then we would be doing a good dead towards the hobby.

With all the crown estate thing going on and some beaches being out of bounds for detecting... it would if we constantly post what we find along with some removed plastic off the beach show that the hobby is doing many services to the public and removing plastic in winter months when beaches are empty of tourists and for free!

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