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There are three main types of Metal Detectors commonly used for Beach, Wet sand and Surf Detecting, and models at various costs and complexity can be found by accessing the links to the manufacturers websites listed on this page.


Single frequency Detectors ;


Single frequency detectors are normally used in land detecting and are really only suitable for the “Dry Sand” areas of the beach being unable to cope with the mineralisation in the Salt / wet sand. They provide an entry level to beach detecting, and at a lower cost, they are a good starting point  prior to purchasing a more advanced model.


Examples ;







Dual or Multi frequency Detectors ;


Further to being used in the “Towel line” / Dry sand areas of the beach, Dual or Multi frequency Detectors allow you to progress to the highly mineralised “Wet sand / Swimming ” areas  where Gullies and channels are created by the tides and storms. This is the area where finds are commonly made within the detectors depth range  in the Hardpack or Black sand. Some of the more expensive models with full discrimination are also waterproof, and can allow you to venture out into the Surf to detect.


Coil interchangability is also important in this area as many detectorists prefer to fit a larger coil to gain extra depth whilst covering a larger search area. In this case a harness may also be required due to the additional weight and loss of balance on some machines.


Examples ;










Pulse Induction (PI) Detectors ;


Pulse Induction Detectors are great out in the Wet sand / swimming areas of the beach and are able to find objects at extreme depths,  however they have one major drawback in that they have little or No Discrimination  and will give a great signal on All objects whether it be coins or Pulltabs. They also tend to be very heavy and as with the larger search coils on MF machines, they will require a harness to be used if detecting for any length of time.


Pulse machines are also waterproof and as with the multi frequency detectors models can be used in the surf for shallow water detecting.


Examples ;










Digging Tools ;



Dry Sand ;  


Short / long handled Sand Scoops and spades are all used in the dry sand areas of the beach  with the scoops being made of Plastic, Aluminium or Stainless Steel.  Some detectorists prefer the plastic hand held scoops for this area as they do not interfere with the search coil when checking the target.


Wet Sand ; 


Spades are not very successful out in the wet sand areas of the beach as the holes you dig are constantly being backfilled with sand and water causing the target to sink even deeper and outwith detection range. The long handled sand scoop (preferably Stainless Steel) excels in this area draining out the water as you dig.


Surf ;


The long handled scoop is the choice here, and in conjunction with this, a flotation mesh / sieve is used to filter the contents of the scoop. ( This can be constructed from an old inner tube and a mesh "bowl" insert.)


Examples ;












Detecting Probe ;


An essential item for checking for finds whilst digging. Many of the probes available are now waterproof and suitable for searching the Wet sand.



Headphones ;


A must for listening out for shallow / weak signals whilst keeping out the noise of the wind and surf. Fully submersible / waterproof phones will be required when detecting out in the surf.



Finds pouch ;.


A good finds pouch is an essential item especially for detecting the wet sand and surf areas of the beach. Also you can now purchase them with multi compartments, (one for the good finds) velcro closures and designed with a mesh bottom allowing any sand and water to be removed.



Other Beach Detecting items ;



Waders / Wellies.  Wetsuit,  Utility belt, Waterproof clothing / gloves, (in the UK anyway ) Digital Camera.(for all the good finds). Spare batteries,

Fisher F30 Minelab Excalibur11 Garrett Sea Hunter Plastic scoop Hand scoop RTG-47-Pro-Aluminum-Mini-Scoop-733