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Join our Beach Detecting Facebook "Closed" group.  


A friendly group set up for like minded enthusiasts, with a membership of 100 Countries & Islands worldwide, where you can post up photo's and videos of your beach and water hunt finds, and where both the novice and experienced Detectorists, can discuss all aspects of Beach, Surf , Lakes, Underwater & Foreshore Metal Detecting.


"Discuss your beach & water finds with a Global Audience"

Facebook members countries & Islands :-


Scotland,  England,  Ireland,  Wales,  Guernsey - Channel Islands,  Isle of Wight,  USA,  Canada,  Australia, South Africa,  Switzerland,  Portugal,  France,  New Zealand,  Denmark,  Sweden,  Romania, Malaysia,  China,  Spain,  Ukraine, Bosnia, Greece, Poland, Isle of Man,  Holland,  Egypt, Canary Islands,  Indonesia,  Malta, Russia,  Albania,  Germany,  Cyprus,  Bulgaria,  Italy,  Vietnam,  Belgium,  Hawaii,  Philippines,  Malta, Thailand, Norway, Hungary, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Estonia, Chile, Saudia Arabia,  Brazil, Mexico,  Tasmania,  Slovakia,  Iceland,  Mozambique,  Serbia,  Montenegro.  Libya,  Kazakhstan,  Austria, Tanzania.Israel,  Algeria,  Sierra Leone,  Puerto Rico,  Taiwan,  Madagascar , Venezuela,  UAE Dubai,  Croatia,  Georgia, Panama,  Peru,  Japan, Pakistan,  Shetland Islands,   Port Vila, Mauritius,  Morocco,  Namibia,  Jordan,  

Turks & Caicos,  Nigeria,  Iran,  Guam, Cambodia, Orkney Islands.-,  Puerto Rica, Bahamas,  Uruguay.



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