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Coins...   "Silver content"

*   Prior to 1920, British silver coins contained high purity, 92.5% (Sterling) silver.


*   From 1920 to 1946, British silver coins contained 50% silver.


*   From 1947 to 1971, some denominations of British pre-decimal coins issued for circulation were "silver-colored," however these coins were made of copper-nickel, and did not contain any silver.


*   From 1971-on, some denominations of British decimal coins issued for circulation were "silver-colored,"     however these coins were made of copper-nickel, and did not contain any silver.

Half crown

Half Crown 1942

    50% Silver

Florin Two Shillings

One Florin 1916

    92.5% Silver

Two Shillings 1966

       0% Silver

decimal coins

             Post 1971 "Decimal Coinage"

                          No Silver Content


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Renaissance Wax


The finest cleaner/polish wax available, specified by museums, art galleries and conservators throughout the world. It will gently lift the grime of antiquity and murky deposits of other polishes, leaving surfaces delightful to see and touch. May be used on any solid surface including wood, metal, marble, onyx, shell, stone, ivory, plastics or leather/paper. Its translucency allows unlimited applications and polish never stains or discolors. The hardness of the matured wax coating gives excellent protection against normal spillages, finger marks, etc.


Renaissance Wax Monarchs-coins

British Coins  "Monarch's head"


All coins since the 17th century have featured a profile of the current monarch's head. The direction in which they face changes with each successive monarch, a pattern that began with the Stuarts, as shown in the table below:

British Coins  1653 to present.


For the Tudors and pre-Restoration Stuarts, both left- and right-facing portrait images were minted within the reign of a single monarch (left-facing images were more common). In the Middle Ages, portrait images tended to be full face.


There was a small quirk in this alternating pattern when Edward VIII ascended to the throne in January 1936 and was portrayed facing left, the same as his predecessor George V. This was because Edward thought his left to be his best side. However, Edward VIII abdicated in December 1936 and his coins were never put into general circulation.

When George VI came to the throne, he had his coins struck with him facing the left, as if Edward VIII's coins had faced right (as they should have done according to tradition).

Thus, in a timeline of circulating British coins, George V and VI's coins both feature left-facing portraits, although they follow directly chronologically.



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      Coins ; Type Collecting


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These pages show the different types of circulating coins produced in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


What is "type" collecting? Type collecting is assembling coins of different designs. A type set generally excludes minor variations that include the same basic design. Examples are date change, and mint marks. Major variations in coin composition (such as a switch from silver to nickel) constitute a type change, but a minor variation (such as copper-tin-zinc to copper-zinc) do not represent a type.


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