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Have you lost any valuables  on the beach ?  Rings, Jewellery, phones, car keys, or any other item of importance.  ?  



If you are located in the UK then please click on the Photo link below to register your loss on the National Ring Recovery Service website.


The Group Offers FREE* searches for lost metallic items e.g. Jewellery, tools, equipment, pipes, drain covers and lost farm machinery etc.We work tidily without leaving a mess, removing all junk uncovered.We respect your property and take care to avoid causing damage, loss or hindrance.All NRRS Members have approved Civil Liability Insurance up to £10 million with The National Council for Metal Detecting Or The Federation of Independent Detectorists.





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Lost & Found stories:-

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Detecting down the beach tonight, a very sad tourist came up to me and told me how she had lost her ring whilst swimming earlier today. She had spent 7 frantic hours trying to find her ring that held great sentimental value, I was happy to join the search, after 15 minutes, she burst into tears as I presented her with her much loved ring. Excalibur to the rescue.

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  Colin Crook   Australia.

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  Tony Mead    Malta.

It's the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack but a lost wedding ring was fished out of the Gnejna Bay sand thanks to a 'lost and found' social media community.

Jane Hill posted an appeal on the Lost and Found Facebook page pleading for help after her husband had dropped his gold wedding ring in the golden sands of Gnejna Bay on Thursday.

It wasn't long before the post was shared numerous times and Tony Mead, a local metal detector owner, volunteered to help find the ring.


"My husband was lying on the beach recovering from a broken shoulder and had swollen fingers due to the limited movement in his left arm. He placed the ring on his pinkie finger. Eventually he got dressed and shook the towels of sand and proceeded to head home. Upon arriving home my husband realised that his ring was missing. We checked the house and the car and my husband went back to the beach to search without luck," Ms Hill said.

They posted an appeal on the Facebook 'Lost & found' page and within minutes a man offered his time and his metal detector. Within 10 minutes of searching and recovering nails, metal wire and foil, the ring was found.

Within 10 minutes of searching and recovering nails, metal wire and foil, the ring was found


"I cried and hugged him."


Mr Mead volunteered to head down to the beach and within hours the anxious Ms Hill was reunited with her husband’s precious wedding token.


“As soon as she put up that post on the page this man Tony Mead came out of nowhere and saved the day. It’s great that people can come together to help out like this,” she said.

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For anywhere else outwith the UK. We have a group of Detectorists armed with the latest in Metal detecting equipment  in over 100 countries Worldwide who can hopefully  re-unite you with your valued possession.


Please complete the attached form with information relevant to your loss, send it to us, and we will hopefully be able to put you in touch with a Detectorist in your area who can assist with your search.

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Alternatively, to join or register your loss in the N.R.R.S Facebook group then please click on the link below.

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